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Istanbul Convention Course



Some goods which need to be brought into a country for certain specific reasons (an exhibition, commercial demonstration, humanitarian mission, etc.) are exempt from Customs duties under the express condition that they are re-exported within a specified timeframe. This is what is known as the temporary admission procedure.

The Convention on Temporary Admission signed in Istanbul on 26 June 1990 provided a means of bringing together, and simplifying, various instruments governing temporary admission which were already in existence at that time.

The most important tools covered by the Istanbul Convention are the ATA carnet (for goods) and the CPD carnet (for vehicles), which are standardized documents used by Customs services to check temporary admissions. Nevertheless, many problems have been encountered with the application of the Convention in the field, and with the use of the carnets in certain specific circumstances.

The training is therefore focused on the very practical issue of the use of ATA and CPD carnets, with lessons dealing in detail with the documents themselves and how they are used in different situations.

It should take around 6 hours to complete this course.

A quiz is also included to test your knowledge.


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