Section VI (Chapter 29): Organic Chemicals

Chapter 29 covers organic chemicals. These can
be classified in Chapter 29 either on the basis of their chemical structure or
on the basis of their physiological action. 

Section VI (Chapters 30 to 38): Products of the chemical or allied industries

Chapters 30 to 38 deal with pharmaceutical
products; fertilisers; colouring matters, paint and varnishes; perfumery,
cosmetic or toilet preparations; soap and organic surface-active agents;
albuminoidal substances, modified starches, glues, enzymes; explosives,
pyrotechnic products; photographic or cinematographic goods; and miscellaneous
chemical products.

Section VIII (Chapters 41 to 43) – Raw hides and skins, Leather, Furskins and articles thereof; Saddlery and harness; Travel goods, Handbags and similar containers; Articles of animal gut (Other than Silk-Worm gut)

Section VIII covers the majority of leather
products. The main products classified under this section are “Raw hides
and skins (other than furskins) and leather”; “Articles of leather
(and certain similar articles of other materials)” and “Furskins and
artificial fur; manufactures thereof”.